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Other Sites to Check Out
  1. Joette Tizzone
    That’s me, and some of my creations.
  2. Coaching Toys
    Another place to find my products AND other really cool items, geared toward coaches or coaching.
  3. Gateways to the World
    Travel Agent extraordinare, Denise helps you weave your dream vacation. She’s also a natural expert on Italy, and if you’re considering a trip there, she’ll know just how to make it a dream come true.
  4. Urban Concept Jewelry
    Wow, her work is beautiful. Simple, contemporary designs in sterling silver, crafted in her NYC studio.
  5. Vox Mundi Project
    Silvia is a singer, teacher and music therapist. She also teaches the Sound Healing Program at the California Institute for Integral Studies. She always has some wonderful program going on. Check it out!  
  6. Margaret Slovak
    A very talented musician and composer.
  7. Jessica Williams
    Incredible Pianist, Composer & Writer. If you love jazz, go here now!
  8. James LaRocca
    Composer & Guitarist. Jim was diagnosed with MS and continues to create beautiful compositions.
  9. Flower Essence Society
    A wonderful organization. If you are interested in becoming a practitioner, you can find workshops here.
  10. Flower Essence Services
    You can purchase individual essences online here, made by the Flower Essence Society.
  11. Maine Coon Adoptions
    These wonderful folks work overtime rescuing abused, abandoned, surrendered and homeless Maine Coons and Maine Coon Mixes, and finding loving, carefully-screened, adoptive homes for them. While their primary focus is Maine Coons, they love all cats, and are open to all. They’re always looking for volunteers, too!
Favorite Books
  1.  The Gift / Hafiz
  2.  The Subject Tonight is Love / Hafiz
  3.  Rumi
  4.  Kabir
  5.  The Gnostic Gospel / Elaine Pagels
  6.  The Gospel of Judas / Elaine Pagels
  7.  The Direct Path / Andrew Harvey
  8.  Dialogues With A Modern Mystic / Andrew Harvey
  9.  The Assault on Reason / Al Gore
  10.  Invisible Leadership / Robert Rabin
  11.  A Course in Miracles
  12.  Beyond Fear / Kokoman & Aeesha Clottey
  13.  The Bible
  14.  The Alchemist / Paulo Cohelo
  15.  Hearts We Broke Along Time Ago / Merle Shain
  16.  When Lovers Are Friends / Merle Shain
  17.  Courage My Love / Merle Shain
  18.  The Inner Game of Music / Barry Green & Tim Gallwey
  19.  Free Play / Stephen Nachmanovitch
  20.  Four Paws, Five Directions / Cheryl Schwartz
  21.  The New Natural Cat / Anita Frazier
  22.  The Nature of Animal Healing / Martin Goldstein DVM
Favorite Music
A few of my favorites as the list is too long to mention all...
Keith Jarrett / Any of his solo works
Anouar Brahem / Thimar
Alan Stivell / Journée a la Maison & Live in Dublin
John Coltrane
Bobby Previte
Great Friends / Sonny Fortune, Billy Harper, Reggie Workman, Billy Hart, Stanley Cowell
Arvo Part / Tabula Rasa
Jerry LaRocca / Years of Longing (CD Baby)
Most everything on the ECM label.
Most Irish/Celtic music
Nina Simone
Abbey Lincoln
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